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Based in Lake Forest, California, Definiti is a National Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment company specializing in Medical Bill Review, Specialty Bill Review and now PBM services. For over 20 years, we have offered insurance carriers, self-insured entities, third party administrators, municipalities, JPAs, and other organizations the Best Net Value combined with the highest level of customer service.

Because no two clients are the same, we offer customizable solutions specifically tailored to address the needs of every single customer with emphasis on delivering operational efficiencies with maximum savings. And because we measure our success by customer loyalty, our clients experience no drop-off in services whether they’ve been with us for one year or ten years. This is why we are able to boast 100% customer satisfaction and why many of our customers came to us by way of referrals.

Our bill review staff averages more than 12 years of industry experience and lead by an executive team with more than 75 years of collective Workers’ Compensation Bill Review experience.

It is with that same level of commitment and confidence that we are delivering our new PBM services. With over 70,000 pharmacies in our national network we are here to help you reduce your prescription cost through an effective and well designed PBM.

If you’re in need of a Workers’ Compensation cost containment company, then look no further than Definiti. We will help you attain the highest possible net savings, while guaranteeing client satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

Our Vision

The vision of Definiti is to be an organization committed to the pursuit of excellence.

We believe that our success lies fundamentally with our associates, realizing that by helping them utilize their strengths and develop their full potential will result in delivering a superior level of service by managing and improving the ‘Definiti Experience’ for our clients, partners and to the marketplace.

We are accomplishing our vision by design, through personal and team development at all levels of the organization with a constant focus on improvement and growth.

We are embracing change, taking thoughtful risks and thriving in a competitive market by leveraging our talent and resources. We focus on leadership and service inside our organization as well as in the industry.
Our success hinges on relationships that are established on trust, respect, sacrifice and delivering consistent results.

Our Values

The Pursuit of Excellence
We seek to fully understand the unique business needs of each client. We are committed to being flexible to fully meet each client’s needs and expectations. In addition, we seek to deliver excellence through clear, accurate, concise communication at every step.

Servant Leadership
We believe in putting others before ourselves and to demonstrate leadership through excellence and humility. We believe that every member of our team is unique and has the potential for exceptional creativity and service to others. We recognize that we are accountable to be truthful and to model the highest level of integrity in our relationships.

We recognize change is inevitable and therefore, we place a high value on finding new and better ways to serve and accommodate our clients. We listen to our clients and work to improve the way we communicate, connect, and run our business. Creativity and innovation are generated by our team seeking to find better solutions for our clients.

Giving Back
We believe that we are blessed with the business and have the privilege of helping those less fortunate. We actively donate time and funds to different charities and ministries. We aim to have a positive impact on our employees and their families by being in a position to reward excellence, which will in turn positively impact our clients with a higher level of service.

Helping our Team
Although in business for profit, we treat our employees with respect and dignity. We value our employees and realize we are successful because of their commitment to us. At the end of the day, we aim to help our people find their purpose in life.

Definiti Leadership Team

With over 75 years of combined industry experience, the Definiti Leadership team believes that our business success depends upon our team. By helping our team utilize their strengths and develop their full potential we can deliver a superior level of service, known as the ‘Definiti Experience’ for our clients, partners and to the marketplace.

Miguel ‘Mike’ Guerrero
Chairman & CEO

Mike Guerrero is the founder and President of Definiti Comp Solutions. Since 1989, Mike has worked with highly respected firms in the industry, which has provided him with a broad background to launch and lead a fast-growing enterprise. Always an innovator, entrepreneur and leader, Mike sees Definiti as an enterprise that offers clients best-in-class service by managing and bringing clarity to the true cost of Healthcare. Mike is a strong believer that people make all the difference when they are empowered to do the right thing.

Amaro Ngo
President & COO

With over twenty-four years of operational and account management experience in the field of Workers’ Compensation medical cost containment, Amaro Ngo brings exceptional experience and know-how to the operations of Definiti Comp Solutions. A gifted communicator and natural leader who thrives on building organizational excellence. Amaro has an in-depth understanding of the industry and is prolific in developing people, process and systems. He has earned the respect of our clients by delivering on promises and by setting aggressive, yet realistic objectives.

Alberto Rivera
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Alberto Rivera has over twenty-five years’ experience in medical cost containment and workers compensation. Alberto is responsible for all sales and business development related initiatives for Definiti Comp Solutions products and services. He has extensive experience in managing major accounts and developing new business. Alberto’s strong relationships and reputation in the industry position him well to lead sales and anchor the business development for Definiti Comp Solutions.

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