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Specialty Bill Review (SBR)

For services not covered by state fee schedule or PPO, Definiti’s Specialty Bill Review (SBR) program ensures our clients are only liable for the “fair and reasonable” payment of medical bills.

Once a bill has been audited for accuracy (i.e. service billed is consistent with service rendered) by our team of expert analysts, the service is benchmarked against several accepted payment methodologies to establish a base allowance that is then used for negotiation or payment recommendation.  Our SBR program generates savings ranging from 55% to 85% off billed charges.





"The very first, initial impression of any company, is seen in their management staff. Management sets the values and standards upon which their company is founded, and the services provided.

Definiti ranked very high in this regard and has met and exceeded our expectations in providing consistent quality work with no "drop off" over time. The efforts of their staff to bring the best savings to our company, the timeliness of their return on bill reviews, the availability when questions arise, the willingness to go the extra mile....we have never been disappointed. Bashas is pleased to recommend Definiti to anyone."

- Barbara S., Claims Administrator, Bashas Supermarkets