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National PPO Access

Definiti has established relationships with leading Preferred Provider Networks (PPOs) across the U.S. Our clients have access to a variety of PPO program networks based on geographic coverage. Not limited to a single national network, Definiti can offer the best available network, or networks, custom-designed to specifically meet the needs of your organization. In essence, a multilayered strategy that offers more than 20 broad-based and specialty networks.

Definiti’s bill review system automatically identifies the appropriate contract for each bill and applies the PPO contracted rates. This helps to gain additional savings by enforcing the terms of the applicable contracts, usually with discounts below fee schedule.

Access to PPO contract information is automated through our bill review software. Proper PPO software applications combined with superior oversight of senior analyst results in the highest savings to our clients.


"I have used Definiti Comp Solutions for the first time while employed here. I must say that I have been very pleased with their services thus far. Every request that I have submitted has been filled in a timely fashion and I am always provided with a breakdown of the savings provided. I would definitely recommend the use of Definiti Services to other companies."

- Christine M. | Sr. Claims Examiner