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Bill Review Technology Solutions

Definiti’s Medical Bill Review program is powered by a sophisticated software system, intelligent technology, advanced data management, customizable utilization flags, along with experienced professionals guarding your cost. Definiti’s technology combined with dedicated compliance expertise identifies inaccurate, inappropriate and excessive charges on medical bills. Definiti’s bill review solutions ensures adherence to each state’s regulatory requirements and recommends defensible reductions. It also eliminates duplicate and code unbundling.

Definiti’s bill review software of choice is able to develop customized interfaces with all major claims management systems such as: David, David Renaissance, Risk Master, iVOS, VOS Portal, Talisman, Sucaba, Pyramid, Stars, RiskCo and Gensource. And adding more as new interfaces are built to client specifications.

Definiti’s goal is to make your operation more effective that can help you interface with your operation’s claims system.

Bill Review Technology features:

  • Bill Review Interfaces…EDI
  • Claim file interface
  • Vendor file interface
  • Payment file interface
  • Utilization Review interface
  • Bill scanning/Paperless solutions
  • Document Storage
  • Web-based EOR/document retrieval capabilities
  • Back end approval workflow
  • Back end approval capabilities
  • Customized billing
  • Web-based reporting
  • Web-based bill review and approval capabilities
  • Automatic state law adjustments


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- Jan P. W., RN, MS, CCM