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Bill Review Overview

Bill Review is not just a data entry transaction at Definiti. Our primary focus is to deliver the “Best Net Value” while maintaining superior level of accuracy, turnaround time and client satisfaction. By combining state- of- the-art technology with analyst oversight, every bill is subjected to a rigorous review by Definiti’s team of expert analyst averaging over twelve years of bill review experience. Additionally, our program includes a quality assurance process that includes a 100% bill audit.

Definiti’s Bill Review Capabilities Includes:

  • State Fee Schedule Adjudication
  • Level of Service Review
  • Specialty Bill Review
    • Fair Value Pricing
    • Complex File Review
    • Out of Network Negotiation Services
    • Inpatient and Outpatient Line Audit
  • Provider Inquiry Support
  • National PPO Access
  • Bill Review Technology
  • Claims Software Integration
  • Image System Integration
  • Utilization Review Interface
  • Comprehensive Reporting (Customizable)
  • State Reporting Capability

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"The very first, initial impression of any company, is seen in their management staff. Management sets the values and standards upon which their company is founded, and the services provided.

Definiti ranked very high in this regard and has met and exceeded our expectations in providing consistent quality work with no "drop off" over time. The efforts of their staff to bring the best savings to our company, the timeliness of their return on bill reviews, the availability when questions arise, the willingness to go the extra mile....we have never been disappointed. Bashas is pleased to recommend Definiti to anyone."

- Barbara S., Claims Administrator, Bashas Supermarkets