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Mission Vision Values


Our vision is to be an organization committed to the pursuit of excellence. We believe that our success lies fundamentally with our associates, realizing that by helping them utilize their strengths and develop their full potential will result in delivering a superior level of service by managing and improving the “Definiti Experience” for our Clients, partners and to the marketplace. We are accomplishing our vision by design, through “personal and team development” at all levels of the organization with a constant focus on improvement and growth.    We are embracing change, taking thoughtful risks and thriving in a competitive market by leveraging our talent and resources to provide leadership and service inside the organization as well as in the industry. Our success hinges on internal and external relationships that are established on trust, respect, sacrifice and delivering consistent results.


The pursuit of excellence
We seek to fully understand the unique business needs of each Client.  We are committed to being flexible to fully meet each Client’s expectations.  In addition, we seek to deliver excellence through clear, accurate, and concise communication, each and every day.

Servant Leadership
As servant leaders, we believe in putting others before ourselves and to strive for a level of leadership by demonstrating excellence and humility.  We believe that every member of our team is unique and has potential for exceptional creativity and service to others. We recognize that we serve others and are accountable to be truthful and to model the highest level of integrity in our relationships. Ultimately, we expect our actions to honor God in the marketplace.

At Definiti, we recognize change is inevitable and therefore, we place a high value on finding new and better ways to serve and accommodate our Clients. In fact, our impetus for change begins by listening to our Clients and work backward to the way we communicate, connect, and process our business. Our creativity and implementation of innovation is generated by our people seeking to find better solutions for our clients.

Giving Back
We believe that we are blessed with the business we have and therefore have the privilege of helping those less fortunate by donating time or funds to different charities and ministries.  We also wish to have a positive impact on our employees and their families by being in a position to reward excellence, which will in turn positively impact our Clients with a higher level of service.

Help people find purpose and meaning
Although in business for profit, we treat our employees with respect and dignity. We value our employees and realize we are successful because of their commitment. At the end of the day we need to know that we gave our best to help people find their purpose in life. When a person understands their purpose, the glory of God is revealed. That glory changes cultures.


"The very first, initial impression of any company, is seen in their management staff. Management sets the values and standards upon which their company is founded, and the services provided.

Definiti ranked very high in this regard and has met and exceeded our expectations in providing consistent quality work with no "drop off" over time. The efforts of their staff to bring the best savings to our company, the timeliness of their return on bill reviews, the availability when questions arise, the willingness to go the extra mile....we have never been disappointed. Bashas is pleased to recommend Definiti to anyone."

- Barbara S., Claims Administrator, Bashas Supermarkets