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Company Overview

Based in Lake Forest, California, Definiti is a National Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment provider that offers Best Net Value with superior customer service. Our internal mantra “Customers for Life”, drives our relentless pursuit to exceed customer expectations, with the goal that customers become our advocates and a source for our best referrals. Customer retention ranks high on our internal priorities and we support this by integrating our business processes to fit customer requirements with the right technology and rigorous attention to our people selection and positioning.

Our business focus is improving “bottom-line” results in the area of workers’ compensation costs for our customers. Our business processes are designed to bring the “Best Net Value” impact to our customer’s P&L with a disciplined focus on accuracy, turnaround time, and customer service. Everything we do and believe can be summarized in our dedication to customer satisfaction which is the cornerstone of our ultimate objective of “Customers for Life”.

At Definiti, we are driven to make a positive impact in the cost of healthcare by providing the following services:


"Whenever I speak with the staff at Definiti it is a very satisfying experience. They are always friendly, helpful and very cordial. They respond immediately to requests for service and are happy to provide information about items including pricing and savings. They offer training sessions to give information about their products and services. I would recommend Definiti to anyone who likes to interact with an exceptional group of caring individuals."

- Jan P. W., RN, MS, CCM